If you have already registered, you can log into your account by typing in your username (your default e-mail account) and password. Otherwise you have to register.

For general registration
      To start your registration, type in your valid e-mail account as username, set your password, fill in your personal information, make choice of the TSGs you are going to associate with, and submit your contributions. Immediate payment is not required. However, your registration will not be considered complete and you will not be accepted to join activities of the Congress until your payment is successfully received by the organizer. When your registration is complete, a Confirmation of Registration will be sent to your default e-mail account (that is e-mail account used as your username). If you fill in all required information and submit your contribution, but you prefer to pay later, you will receive a Knowledge of Registration instead.

For participants already involved
      The participants who are already involved in the preparation process of the Congress will have pre-entered usernames (together with some personal information). These participants include but not limited to: IPC and LOC members, plenary and invited lecturers, team members of the plenary panels and survey teams, members of the TSG organizing teams. These participants will receive an invitation for registration email before June 10th sent from to the mailbox they used to contact the organizer. What these participants have to do is to click the link in this email which will lead to the existed accounts, then they can proceed to finish necessary information input.

      If you have any question about/during registration, please contact